Soundscape To Soundtrack

The Project

Dive into musical possibilities with Musician Stephanie Pawula. Through a series of workshops, young people will be discussing, listening, examining their soundscape and creating their own soundtrack. A collection of newly composed works will be created throughout the project using field recording, day to day objects, voice and instruments

This project is a reflection of Stephanie’s latest work as an improviser with Resonance Project and composer for Miriam Needham written words. The participant will explore music-making using anything that is available around them. Stephanie will share her experience in making improvised music following a theme, an image, a movement, an idea as well as presenting a musical statement. This soundscape will then evolve in a soundtrack by using simple recording technique and minimal production. The project will culminate with a collection of work from each participant.

This project is taking place from January 2021 until April 2021. Links to outcome will be added once the project is completed.